example_1_background example_1_style

GMC Yukon Denali

Front bumper damage on passenger side. Replaced headlight and repaired front bumper

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Nissan Altima

Front bumper, hood, and headlights had significant damage. Replaced all body and headlight assemblies and color matched paint.

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Ford Fusion

Significant damage to the driver side rear. Replaced taillight assembly and repaired body, trunk, and bumper with color matched paint.

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Toyota Sienna

Rear bumper and driver side damage. Replaced the bumper and repaired some dents on side of the body.

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GMC Sierra Elevation

Piece of trim around front passenger tire missing and body damage. Replaced trim and repaired body with color matched paint.

project_6_background project_6_style

Nissan Pathfinder

Extensive damage to the passenger side body, bumper, and hood. Replaced headlight assembly and repaired body with color matched paint.

project_7_background project_7_style

Mercedes Benz E300

Hood and front bumper of vehicle dented and broken. Replaced bumper and hood and repaired other damages.

project_8_background project_8_style

Hyundai Tuscon

Damage to front passenger side on bumper and headlight. Repaired body and replaced headlight.

project_9_background project_9_style

Nissan Frontier

Large dents and folds in passenger side door. Repaired body to new condition.

project_10_background project_10_style

Nissan Pathfinder

Severe damage to front driver side bumper and headlight. Repaired body and replaced headlight.